Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Well Into the Morning

And I have made the life-altering decision to create a blog. To become a blogger.

So now as my blogging journey unfolds, I must ask myself:

How do I develop the art of the non-narcissistic blogger? There are a few that aren't so egocentric, but some, well, they all but illustrate themselves as the little peacock staring into the glass-top pond.

How do I -- or do I -- narrow my interests? I could write stories, post art, quotes, mock book reviews, thoughts, jokes, recipes, the science of reading intervention, and the list scaffolds clumsily downward like a Jacob's Ladder, loose on one side.

Or maybe that's what the labels are for? Or maybe my interests will begin to narrow on their own? Maybe it will be a Survival of the Fittest process?

Will I write everyday? Will I have something to say everyday? Oh, surely. BUT, will it lull people to sleep or make them sourly wish they wouldn't waste so much time blogging?

There is one blog I read where I always stand up feeling revitalized to begin my day seeing the world from the eyes of an artist (because we are all artists in our own way).

And last, how do I tastefully convey my belief that all Good is of God, and He is sovereign... without allowing the Bible Belt culture of my youth to seep in and bruise the minds and opinions of readers?

So, to begin. It's an experiment.

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