Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i'm taking an indefinite hiatus......

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I am going on sabbatical from Blogland.

I've been debating this decision for awhile. I enjoy my morning blogging, but it does take a lot of time and I feel if I'm going to keep going, it needs to be with more of a mission. Plus, there are some other things I've wanted to pursue for awhile.

And then the decision was forced on me. I recently got a new job (I wasn't looking, but it's so perfect I couldn't turn it down), as well as an offer to be part of a committee developing a new Early Literacy project for the community...

and I'm still in school full time with a Thesis due in April. I must say, it's a lot to juggle. But since I enjoy it all so much and everything fits so perfectly into my career plans, it's worth the frozen dinners I'm feeding Husband and the weekend hours spent at the library catching up.

And giving up the blog for awhile.

If you want to know when the blog starts back up, email me at

And for old times' sake,

-On my way out, I thought I'd share the most interesting hammock I've ever seen. You won't believe the price: $35,000 for the whole set-up. For a hammock. But it is innovative.

-The image above is from a movie party in a barn. I love the hay bale stadium seating.

-A great pair of spring/summer shoes.(At a much better price than yon hammock!)

-How to use your old phone books (yes, like The Real Yellow Pages!)

-So smart. I keep twine (for wrapping male gifts, especially) but it is rather a pain to store.

-The next time I bake a fun cake, it will be this one. Who would have thought? Chocolate would be good, too.

-It never dawned on me to look this up, but they're all on my weekend "movie" list now.

Thank you for reading!
It's been fun, and I hope to be back once time allows...

Friday, February 18, 2011

no photos (and other links)

That's right. There's no photo. And I had a truly awesome one to share. It was a photo of a stack of flour sacks in a restaurant we recently dined in. The sacks read: Hi-Gluten Flour.

But my computer just got purged and the pictures weren't saved like I thought they were. Hoorah for people who remember to double-check. Boo for me. I had a lot of pictures I really wanted... so I'm not going to think about them scattered as fragmented dust mites in the depths of my hardrive.

Clean start for a beautiful day. That's what I'll think about instead :)

I spent little time this week blog-surfing. We've (almost completely) defeated the cold and flu virus.... so here's what I found to share with you in between sneezes, though you've likely already seen most of them...

LINKS for your weekend:

-Ultimately feminine (though slightly pricey for my budget) rain boots!

-Martha's ideas for adult-themed birthday parties (yet still G-rated)!

-And another idea from Martha's team: custom, personalized cake candles. So clever.

-I must be into parties this week. Here's an easy  DIY for unique-ifying crepe paper streamers. And matching party hats, too!

I hope you enjoyed!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

kuhfoozle books and soft happy pillows

Thank you for visiting me on Valentine's Day! I enjoyed your comments...

Aren't these pillows cheerful? I can't imagine how long it takes her to cut and stitch those blitheful birds. Considering the work and tiny craftsmanship, her prices are very reasonable. She has so many designs. I love her owls, birds on a wire, birds in a tree, and her fantastic kites that sing SPRIIIIIING at the tops of their linen-threaded lungs.

The bubonic plague (a.k.a. Cold and Flu virus) has hit our house. So until I can muster up an unfoggied brain and get back on track, I'll likely be absent from blogland. I kind of like the challenge of seeing how long it will take us to knock it out-- it's hopefully the closest I'll ever get to battle :)

Until then, here's a great project to consider while in bed with a thermometer or walking about in perfect health:

SF Girl By Bay shared her inspiration journals where she keeps all the images from magazines and elsewhere that inspire her. I'm thinking of setting up my recipe journals like this-- with more photos and relics on each page with recipes we love. I can see it now: a bright, colorful journal for poultry, pork, beef, fish, shellfish, cakes, cookies, soups, sandwiches, salads....

It seems you could make one of these no matter your hobby or career. From sewing to marketing. I could even do it for my career: reading intervention and children's literature. Or story inspiration. Hmmm....

Side Inkle: (According to spell check, I made up quite a few words in this post! Hoorah for new words! Maybe I could make a "New & Improved Words" inspiration book! Kuhfoozle would be a great one to start with. What could Kuhfoozle mean? Delirious from decongestants?)

Have a great week, folks...

Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine's day activities

-I just paid a stack of bills and sent them off in the mail tacked with heart stickers. I hope Duke Energy, AT&T, and the County Tax Collector appreciate them :)

-I also hope the County Tax Collector reads my Post-It note reminding him about our 2010 tax refunds, now that he's collecting for 2011. It has a heart sticker on it, too.

-I woke up this morning to a box of Belgian Chocolate Thins. They're thin as potato chips and oh so good. And they're almost gone. And I feel a bit lethargic and nauseated. And I think these conditions could be related...

-The Camellias in our yard bloomed this weekend. Just in time for today. No need for overpriced February florals in this house!

-Did you see these CUTE downloadable cards and matching coffee cup wrappers? Good heavens, they're fun... and free!

-Tonight, I'm giving Husband a delicious meal of Balsamic-Glazed Beef Filet  and Roasted Asparagus with a rich Red Pepper Sauce. Both will take under an hour to prepare. Both are highly ranked by our tastebuds.  If you need something to make for your beloved Other, I suggest this combo.

-It's so warm and beautiful here. I have all the doors and windows wide open. It's nice to hear birds  and noises from the construction next door and the school playground a block away. How long will it last, I wonder.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope it's lovely in every way....

Friday, February 11, 2011

stylish out of context (and other links)

This image showed up on a "stylish" Bohemian blog and totally cracked me up. It looks like a real backroad scene from Alabama (where I'm from) or South Carolina (where I currently live). Would they think it was so stylish in that context? I hope so. It's culture. I love culture.
And since it's Friday (woohoo!),

Links for your Weekend:

-An interesting perspective on landscape art

-I'm thinking of starting a collection like this

-We wouldn't need these conversation starters at our dinner table. We often sit talking way past the last bite. But I would use the idea for a small dinner party instead-- one where the guests don't know each other very well. Or better yet, one where they do.
-Not your traditional Valentine's messages

-Use this idea on February 27

-Great idea for globe trotters

-How about this for Saturday morning brunch? I'm in.

-Check out this kitchen makeover.

-Do you ever see an exquisite trio of plates an antique store and think, But what would I do with just three matching plates? I do. All the time. Apparently, someone else does too.

-For the perfect party cheese tray (it even tells you exactly what to shop for!)

-For some reason, I just like knowing this place exists. See more photos here.

Have a great weekend!
And thank you for reading.

I love reading your comments. I love seeing you on my sitemeter. You're the bestest folks :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

just being audrey

Just Being Audrey went on sale January 25. So you could easily say it's fresh off the press. Illustrator Julia Denos did a phenomenal job capturing Audrey's stylish grace and charm.

I've had such fun clicking through her portfolio and perusing her blog.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

there's something sprouting on your neck

I'm not sure how well it would survive hanging from my neck as I can be a bit clamorous in my movements (note: that doesn't say glamorous), but I can picture these hung along a rustic strand of white lights or from the ceiling on long, transparent lines during a festive meal.

They can be used as tiny planters or flower vases.

Such a unique idea.
What would you do with it?
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