Saturday, June 13, 2009

Senseo Saturday

Every Saturday morning in our humble little house,

is Senseo Saturday.

We only only drink it on lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Otherwise, it would become a banal,
everyday item that we gave hardly a thought
while brewing and sipping.

But, if we consume regular old Maxwell house throughout the week, and have Senseo on the weekends,
(in a china teacup, of course)

it remains a delicacy,

it lives on as a luxury,

it is a teacup of rare warmth and vigor.

We enjoy this little cup of luxury in our cozy reading spot.

Where the dog obnoxiously begs and whines
for us to throw his tennis ball.

And when we don't give in,

he resorts to staring forlornly out the door,

to the mysterious moors
the scratched glass,
(And guess who scratched it?
Hint: all scratches are about waist high.)

Where I suddenly notice I've left our hallway runner out to dry

And it rained.

1 comment:

  1. cute little saturday morning story.
    i can't believe i am about to do this- correct your grammar!!!!

    waist high...not waste. right? (oh im so brave!)


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