Thursday, July 2, 2009

Be Careful What You Blog For

My gift from my parents for helping with the party was:

I can't deny that I blogged about it two times in hopes that someone would catch on to my vision of hanging it in my future library. However, my immediate thoughts as I opened it were, Whoa. You mean that actually worked? And , I better not blog about anything I don't want to get stuck with!

But I am so happy to be stuck with you, Pottery Barn Pencil. And, at least I know my Mother reads my blog regularly...


  1. Ahhh...Carole King's TAPESTRY for cleaning (or anything else that requires energy), and I play The Carpenters (the cd I use is no longer available so students have made me back-up copies of that particular arrangement of songs) when my eighth-grade students write papers or take tests that require lengthy written answers...We call it "thinking music". It works! I've also played Kenny G and Jim know...the "Time in a Bottle" guy. (Some classes like Jim Croce the best, but most like The Carpenters.)

  2. Good luck with the GRE--it's a fun one :) Josh was wondering if Justin ever took LEED...


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