Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Corey Kate's Wedding

We went to the most amazing Georgia wedding reception back in May, and the pictures are finally up!

The reception was in the bride's parent's barn. The bride and her family did all of the decorating. There were huge silver candelabras on rustic old tables, hydrangeas, and old windows of various shapes and sizes hanging from clear cable wire, so that they looked suspended in the air. The walls of the barn had rustic ledges where the bride displayed antiqued photographs of her and her Groom's parents', grandparents', and great-grandparents' wedding photos.

Ritchie White was the photographer. Check out his blog here.

The Tams, a Motown band that formed in Atlanta, Georgia in 1962.

Buy a Tams recordhere.
I wish there were more pictures to display of the reception decor. If I can get my hands on any more, I will share!

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  1. Amazing!! I love the hanging windows! I have one in my garage I just have to figure out how to hang it from my ceiling! But how cool to have your reception in a barn! I bet it was amazing.


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