Friday, September 11, 2009

Allspice In My Coffee

Here's wishing you,

Bounty and sunlight

Something pretty on your table

Delivery that leaves a zero-carbon footprint on the ecosystem

Oh, and a large mug of:
1/3 coffee
1/3 milk
1/3 Chai Tea concentrate

If you're looking for something to muse over today try:
This thought-provoking video I discovered through Yada Yadah (it's about 20 minutes long),


  1. Hmmm...since obviously I've aleady mused over the video ... & Farmgal's great post too, ph I should try some of that Oregon Chai & revisit some wonderful memories from when we lived in Oregon! That is one beAuTiFULL(!) state.

  2. I would LOVE to go to Oregon! Neat that you once lived there...

  3. Mmmmh, the chai coffee sounds glorious. Have a great day!!! xo

  4. Hey that's the Chai I drink too!! I love your pictures! That first one is beautiful!!

  5. Ha! I see the Chai wins the award today! I'm delighted you all like Chai, too! I just recently discovered this concentrate after developing a slight addiction to the Starbuck's Chai Lattes... and promptly realizing I can't AFFORD an addiction like that :)

    Have a great weekend, everybody! Thanks for visiting...

  6. Do you think Carrabba's would deliver up here in CT? :)

  7. here's an article that might interest you...


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