Thursday, October 29, 2009

towers of organization

from target

I've been soliciting a plea for bookshelves for some time now. Husband never seems to agree. Here's how my last attempt went, a few weeks ago:

Me: I have a great idea for celebrating our anniversary!

Husband: Really? What's that?

Me: Go on an exploration together to find bookshelves!

Husband: You mean, spend money.

Me: No. I mean, spend money wisely.

Husband: Don't you think our son needs a dog house?


  1. I OWN that very bookshelf from Target. Except mine is shorter, it only has three shelves. I have really enjoyed it. Funny tidbit: Micah helped me put it together last year when I bought it and accidentally put the front panels on backwards (the reverse side of the panels is a rough, unfinished wood). After we realized it, I had already decided I liked it better that way! :)

  2. I am so with you on this one. When we built, I insisted on taking the smallest bedroom and having a library. We still have too many books outside the library, but it helps immensely. Forget the doghouse and get the bookshelves.

  3. what to do w/ books has been a dilemma in our house too. We recently rid ourselves a BUNCH of 'em ... but we still have a lot of o f'em! Do you by chance have a closet you could turn into a library? I wish I did! Hey that just gave me an idea (your posts are so inspiring :) - I'll have to see if I have more success in convincing my husband that it's a good idea here at my end :)

  4. Y'all are so entertaining in your comments!

    Clare- I remember those now that you mention it. I like them better that way, too! If I even get them, I will have to turn the panels backwards.

    NCMountainWoman~ I am hoping I am planting seeds for a future LIBRARY and not just boojshelves! How wonderful!

    MyStory~ I am interested in what you're scheming! Keep me "POST"ed :)

  5. We bought four -yes four- bookcases from Ikea last year. Two more decent ones for the bedroom and two of the cheapest ones in the store for the study. The bedroom ones fit in perfectly; they're already full though.
    I like the one in the picture although it's a bit too dark for me.
    Oh yes, there was this crazy idea in a magazine of turning old suitcases into shelves. I'll see if I can e-mail you a picture.

  6. Walls and walls of books here too....mostly cookbooks...and childrens books...even though our child has 4 legs too....toy poodle.

    Butterscotch's 14th birthday is November 2nd. My husband took the day off..we are taking Buddy out to lunch...McDonalds doublecheese burger...and then to his favorite park to smell the grass..(he's blind).

    In the cold department...your husband is right...I downed 5000 mg of vitamin c and drank grape juice and water..and I'm back...

    thanks for the tips..they helped......

    more later

  7. Over the years, and through many moves, I have had to donate books to keep my collection pared down. There were some I have not been able to replace. I envy you!!!


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