Wednesday, November 18, 2009

our weekend

Why not wait until Wednesday to look back on your weekend, right?

On Friday night we had one of our favorite meals: Asiago cheese with red grapes, summer sausage, fresh garlic bread, balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dipping and Merlot for sipping.

On Saturday morning, I tried scrambling eggs Fort-Lewis-Lodge style.
You beat the eggs with cottage cheese,

And make a white sauce over the stove using butter, milk, and flour. Once it thickens, you scramble in the eggs.

And they turn out quite fluffy with a wonderful added dimension in flavor.

After breakfast, Husband put his mad carpenter skills to work.
Can you guess what he's building?

Khan is wondering whether or not it's for him.

This little house we're renting has a nice, roomy toolshed. Husband has enjoyed it immensely.

While Husband played in his roomy toolshed,

I color-coded our books.
(You would be amazed how much fun this self-imposed task was for me.)

On Saturday night was the event I've been waiting for: SOUTH PACIFIC.
It was a wonderful evening, and I've been skipping around the house singing Dites-Moi and I'm Gonna Wash that Man Right Outta My Hair ever since. I had planned to film some of the play on my camera to share with you, but the moment the curtain opened I became entranced and forgot.

So, were you able to guess what Husband was building?

Khan did not need one of these for "winter" in Florida.

We think he might need it here in NC. This weekend we plan to sand and paint it. We are thinking maybe white with a green roof...


  1. Great doghouse!

    The color coded books look beautiful but how on earth do you ever find anything? I rarely remember what the cover of any book looks like. But I must admit the effect is attractive.

  2. I just know them that well, I suppose! I love searching for a title among other titles. So, this is the perfect method for me!

  3. That theatre is beautiful. How fun to see a show there. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  4. Great job on the house for Khan! My, you were very busy this weekend!


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