Friday, December 4, 2009

christmas ideas

I love flipping through Pottery Barn catalogs, perusing their website, and strolling through the store. So many of the ideas can be achieved without paying Pottery Barn prices.

So, I'm sharing some images with you, in case you want to steal a few simple ideas, too!

Their website also has a wonderful party planning section. Here is a guide for planning the perfect Cookie Exchange and Tree Trimming Party. There are even downloadable playlists from iTunes and downloadable, printable invitations.

And now for my favorite part.....

Are you ready?

Do you really want to see it?

It's a very simple idea.

You have to go here. My favorite part is hanging from the ceiling in the first photo.


  1. Some great ideas here! I like your favorite as well! What fun. Are you going to do that?

  2. These are beautiful, thank you for sharing! Wish we had Pottery Barn here. I especially liked the big, thin wreath hanging in the kitchen window...lovely!

  3. Me too...I LOVED the big thin wreath..and the frosty pinecones too...loved all of it, really...

    we got our tree...well, 2 trees last night..smells so good in the kitchen this morning....

    thanks for all the great ideas..

    more later
    Happy December Friday...


  4. So glad y'all enjoyed! I am thinking I might hang some snowflakes in the dining room this weekend!

  5. Loved all of the pics. Pls show us your snowflakes once they're up!


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