Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the christmas tree: part two, the adorning

Twas a very dark living room indeed. The overhead light bulb burned out when we walked in with the Christmas Tree, so we set it up by a small lamplight. (When light bulbs die, we live by a strange, tacit rule that we will not under any circumstances bother to change it for at least a month, unless it is in the kitchen or bathroom.)

And gradually, the room began to glow until

We would not have used the overhead light if it worked anyway! Who needs it? I think I will live by Christmas Tree light until we decide to change that light bulb. Maybe that could give me an excuse to leave the Tree up through the dead months of January and February!

It's so simple and pretty with just the lights. I always stop and think, should I even bother with the ornaments?

But I do. I bother. I love taking them out and reciting what I've written on the backs of each ornament: the year, who it's from, and any other memory that needs recording. This star is made of tin, and it was made and given to me by a folk artist name Ann B. Moore who lives in Columbus, GA. She made a whole set of these stars and gave them to me one Christmas.

And with them came little tin banners that say Joy, Laughter, and Love Love Love.

Husband and I bought this our first Christmas together in Tennessee. It was handmade by a stained glass artist who has a shop in downtown Murfreesboro. When it came time to leave town for a week to visit family, I took it off the tree and hung it on a necklace chain and wore it. So, my mother-in-law took a picture of me wearing it and made a special little box for us to store it in, with the photo under the lid.

I love catching the reflection of the tree in the windows. I love that it can light more than one place at once.

Ah, and this one. I made this from seashells last year when we lived in Ponte Vedra Beach.
It hangs from raffia with a little shell tied at the top. Now, I have to think of something to represent our new home, Charlotte, for this year's ornament...

And while I hung ornaments and recited the memories for each, Husband made chowder and this cute little bread-and-cracker arrangement. He is such an artist at heart!

And then,

there's the aftermath of decorating the Christmas Tree!

What are some of your favorite ornaments? How do you keep up with the memories for each?


  1. it's funny, I love Christmas and all the seasonal things, but would rather not bother with the decorations and clutter they entail. I am the opposite of a pack rat and somehow the storing and boxing of ornaments doesn't sit well with me...perhaps it will if I ever settle down. That being said, I keep the cards and things you send me. In fact, until I moved last week, they were blue-tacked to my wall below a floating bookshelf.

  2. aww! I love hearing that! Speaking of... I will be needing your new address for this year's card.

  3. Any hand-crafted ornament gets high marks from me. The glass star is very nice, and your shell star is wonderful because of its history.
    I love the ornaments my boys brought home from school while growing up. (There's one that I keep out year-round.)

  4. lovely! That stained glass star is just beautiful! I have a thing for stars & snowflakes. & I agree.... by all means hold off on changing that light bulb for a while :)


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