Monday, December 14, 2009

our christmas card photo

We tried to get a nice, formal photo in front of the beautifully lit Christmas tree,

and we tried,

and we tried,

But Khan was in a distracted state,

a little sad even because he just wanted to go play,

And he could see his tennis ball, sitting with all its potential energy across the room

So, we had to use a photo taken in his most natural state. The state of frenzied glee.


  1. I have the urge to BRACE MYSELF! Kahn looks like he's about ready to jump right out of my computer screen & right into my lap in that last one! :)

    That will make a cute card & is sure to generate lots of chuckles & grins!!

  2. He's so cute!
    Check your e-mails.

  3. He's happier being his natural self, of course! It's a great photo!


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