Friday, December 25, 2009

the perfect song for christmas night

I love this version because it seems that Jewel doesn't usually sing to her full potential like she does here. She gives it her all in O Holy Night, too.
The reason I like that?
She seems to be saving her greatest gift for The Greatest Gift.
How fitting.


  1. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Lovely performance.

  2. Hi again!

    Wow! You are the Blogger Extraordinaire!! ; ) Thought I'd come back and take a peek to see if you had posted any more fun stuff since your "party", and seem to have walked in to a smorgasbord of new goodies!! : ) Thanks for sharing the lovely music, the little Christmas story and, of course, all these 'treats' and their corresponding recipes!! (I'll have to try that egg nog log recipe, good Lord!!)...Your site here really is a feast for the spirit and the senses, just so much fun all over again...

    ...I've decided to follow along so I dont miss anything again! : )

    Blessed Blessed New Year to you and yours : )
    "Hindsfeet" ><>


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