Tuesday, December 15, 2009

you're invited! yes, YOU!

Yiota, from Shells, Bells, and Flowers, and I have been discussing how we can manage a Bloggers' Christmas Party. She designed the festive invitation above (pretty great, huh?) and here's what we came up with:

Take this image or one of your own and extend the invite from your own blog. Or just RSVP to Yiota or here at Scattering Lupines in the comments section so we can make sure everyone knows who to go visit on Friday. It's kind of like a BLOCK party for any of you who have been to those... except it's a BLOG party :)

Then, THIS FRIDAY give us your best Christmas celebration post! Post about anything that entails CHRISTMAS JOY for you! Ideas, music, food, memories, photos, favorite traditions, philosophies, verses, passages from movies or literature... Just bring something heartwarming and wonderful to the party and be SURE to visit around with the other "guests!"

And while you're at it, send me your address to so I can make sure you get a Christmas card from me, Khan, and Husband!


  1. Fantastic idea girls. I'll be there! xo

  2. Great post! My Christmas tree will be famous!

    Check your mail!

  3. ooo will try to be there...we have our office christmas decorating competition on Friday so I can post on that perhaps!!! xxx

  4. you know, we did a skype launch for our website and had a conference call with various editors and writers that are working for us and fielded questions from the public who beeped in. That could work too.

  5. Great ideas here!

    A skype call would be neat. But there's people in ALL time zones. SOMEBODY will have to be up at 2 am!

    From California to Austria... what a group!

  6. Oh I am so excited..sounds like a great time..YES ! Everyone here at Farmhouse is ready....

    See everybody there....

    Kary and Buddy

  7. PS Do you want to take part in the pay-it-forward handmade task? I've still got to make something but if you do, let me know! xxx


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