Tuesday, January 12, 2010

magnets and a fridge

Thank you ALL for your macaroon recipes, supportive comments and sympathetic stories about locking keys in houses, raving applaud for my La Boof success, and suggestions for how to revive my poor, expiring Rosemary. I will be very attentive to her over the next several weeks as she (hopefully) recovers. I might even sing to her.

Although in my particular case, that might exhaust her further...

In honor of the great month of organization, JANUARY, I am going to share my refrigerator system with you! This all started when we had about 10 close friends getting married in the same year, and I was SO confused about when I was supposed to be where.

I have one homemade magnet for "gifts"-- this generally pertains to people I need to buy gifts for (such as wedding, baby, graduation, or upcoming birthdays, etc)-- but I've also started putting thank you notes up for a little while since I hate to just throw them away. I'm thinking of making a separate "notes" magnet.

(My brain needs this sort of categorizing!)

And this is for events we plan to "attend." I put flyers for workshops, festivals, art exhibits, weddings, showers, etc. that I do not want to forget about here.
It's been quite a successful system for me, since I usually forget where I put invitations and then have no idea what time an event starts or where exactly it's taking place-- and since there are so many community events I want to attend/support but usually forget until they've passed (even if they are on my calendar(s)).

Moving on,
this particular save-the-date I'm quite fond of. It's for a wedding for a dear friend from high school. She's a graphic designer and very talented artist, so I can't wait to see her "vision" (as she calls it) come to fruition on May 29.

(It's a post card)

For their engagement photo shoot, Rachel wanted a vintage theme.
Her photographer's site is here and here whole photo shoot is here.

Coincidentally, the gardens where the shoot was held had just begun setting up for a fair. Creative use, huh?

I especially love these outfits and colors.

Josh played along so well! He'll be a wonderful husband!


  1. Fantastic idea. I have to give this a try. I'm always forgetting things like this until the last minute. You are just tooooo organized and creative... Please, send some of that my way....he-he....

  2. SO a very classy sorta way :) Those magnets are a great idea!

  3. This was all so adorable...enjoyed all of it.

    I'll be back to visit soon....

    kary and Buddy

  4. Love the magnet idea, SL, you should see my fridge now, yikes! Definitely in need of some organization! I've set aside tomorrow for that and cleaning in general, so your suggestion couldn't have come at a better time!

    And I LOVE the "save the date" photo with the two of them holding those sweet!!!

  5. Oh my god, I LOVE that idea for the Save the Date!!! If I was't already married, I would steal it...


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