Tuesday, February 2, 2010

water music revealed... and a few other tidbits

Husband's Dog-loo was still standing as of yesterday afternoon.

It's turned to a structure of solid ice. We now see why this was considered a formidable-enough structure for Eskimos' dwellings.


I found the MOST AMAZING website. Very helpful indeed.

You can search most personal and household care products and find not only customer reviews BUT ALSO environmental and health ratings. It will tell you what, if any, harmful ingredients lurk in your favorite products. For example, I discovered that my daytime moisturizer (which doubles as my "makeup") contains a cancer-causing agent-- oh and and I am really struggling. I love my moisturizer and it's taken me years to find one that I love. So now I am trying to decide if I should risk developing cancer or launch my search for the perfect moisturizer yet again. It's a toss-up, I tell ya.

I also discovered that my environmentally safe dish detergent is not altogether environmentally safe, due to the fact that the company who manufactures it is terrible at water and energy conservation. Good to know. So, the search continues in that department as well.

It's a good site to search your products' ratings, for whichever fields concern you most.


Do you have any subscriptions to magazines that actually require you to sit down and read informative, in-depth articles rather than merely flip through and admire lovely photos and tab tasty recipes?

We do. We like to subscribe to one of those kind per year. This year, it's the Smithsonian. It seems they show up in our mailbox before we're half-way through the previous issue. It's a rat race to keep up.

In catching up on my December Smithsonian reading, I read an article about Handel's music and learned that, "He wrote The Water Music [...] for George I, to be performed for the monarch as His Majesty's barge navigated through a London canal on a summer evening."

Like this or this:

"Ah-ha!" thought I when reading this and considering how I've always wondered at that lovely title: The Water Music. That explains it!


  1. Hey! Just got all your recommendations - so much to see! (Wish I had more money!) I'll probably be public transporting it so got to think of ways to do this easily enough...and find places to stay along the way...I'm thinking of going Boston way to New York, then Philadelphia way - then somewhere in between before hitting Georgia...and then if I could get down to Florida that would be great but it is all down to cost...I've heard Greyhound buses are good - do you know of any good trains/transport that links you from one place to the next? Thanks so much for all of this and also your offer to crash at yours - that is so sweet of you! xxx

  2. What a lovely and informative posting today. Sure glad I popped in. Off to find the music now...

    Kate - The Garden Bell

  3. Your exceprt re: Handel reminded me of cave tour we took... deep in the cave they turned out the lights (Uikes!) & presented a light show, unlike any I've seen, to Handel's Messiah. The really unique thing about it was the color spectrum was scaled to the keys on a piano keyboard. Whenever a key was played "it's color" presented itself. Hard to explain but MAGNIFICIENT to see/hear!

  4. Neat! We went to something similar in Rock City, TN but it wasn't to Handel's Messiah. Amazing what they can do... even in caves!

  5. Loved your story about Maine...I wanted to live there too..but thought the same thing...born and raised in california...50 is cold to me...what was i thinking...we were in camden i think it was at The Marston antique shop and across the street was a mom and pop pizza shop..we ate in it one night..i thought i could live here and work in this pizza shop...but like you..i REALLY would love to work in a bookshop..

    and it's funny...we were in maine the same time as there on october 14th...and it became a joke..cause we would sometimes drive for miles to a lobster shack..only to get there and BOOM..the sign on the door..CLOSED FOR THE SEASON..we would always say HUH?...3000 miles..and closed....

    saw the weather channel this morning and thought of you, my dear...

    more very soon
    kary and buddy

  6. Now isn't THAT a cool bit of trivia! I always assumed the name to be metaphorical, not literal!

    I get The Smithsonian magazine too, but somehow missed that article - like you said, it's a lot to get through...

    Ok, I gotta know, how long did it take your hubby to make that igloo? That was an architectural feat!! : )

  7. wierd!!! I just looked up (I'm listening to Comcast's classical music station) and Handel's Water Music Suite No. 2 is playing RIGHT NOW!!!

    How Bizarre!!! (but fun bizarre : ) )

  8. Hey, found you through Darby's blog and want to thank you for the great recommendation (sp?) on the product website.

  9. I do love the dogloo. It's neat the way the green grass is all around it.

    Good website! And bravo for getting word out to folks to start looking at what they put ON or IN their bodies!
    I usually check things on a similar site. I seem so fuddy-duddy to my co-workers. But I value my health more than 2" acrylic fingernails.


    Have a great evening!


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