Thursday, February 11, 2010

valentine mailboxes

I've always loved checking the mail.

I found these little tin mailboxes a few months ago and bought enough to fill with Valentine treats for each of my little students.

A silver Sharpie,

a little box of chocolate truffles, some funky erasers, neon mechanical pencils (so cool in their opinion.... and mine :) with glittery rubber grips (also great for assisting their developing fine motor skills), stamps, notepads, a little douse of magic*, and some lip gloss for girls and globe-shaped pencil sharpeners for boys.

I think they'll enjoy getting the mail today.

*The little yellow "pill" you see inside the box is NOT an illegal or mind-altering object. It's a foam-filled capsule that swells into the shape of a jungle animal when you drop it in hot water.


  1. Whew ... so relieved to know what that yellow capsule is! I was gettin' concerned. Just kidding :)

    What a fun day for your students to hear the words "You've got mail!" ... There you go again, living up to your screen name :)

  2. ha ha - like the small print...I did wonder if it was an ear plug or something! What a lovely gift! Very lucky students I say! xxx

  3. 'cool'... ha, ha! Yes, I'm sure they'll love their mail!

  4. Perfect idea. I bet the kids loved them. I know I do.

    Kate - The Garden Bell - <3
    <3 = Heart
    <3 <3 <3 = Hearts

  5. What an awesome idea! When I taught my kids never got anything so nice from me-- and we LOVE those capsule things around here!

  6. How thoughtful! I'm sure they'll be tickled pink!

  7. Wow! You would be my favorite teacher! That is so nice and thoughtful of you!


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