Thursday, March 25, 2010

calling all sangle women under the age of 35 (and yes i meant to spell that "sangle")

Meet my single, good-hearted, older brother Jack
(as in Jack Sprat could eat no fat...
Jack jumped over the candlestick...
Jack and Jill went up the hill...
Or my personal favorite from my teenage years when he pestered me, Jackass said very quickly so that it was pronounced "jackus";)
But you get the point.
Here he is:

He sometimes makes faces, which scare pretty girls and small children away, but he has more admirable talents as well.

Such as architecture. He has a degree in architecture and a Masters in Landscape Architecture and a Masters in Community Planning. What's he doing with all that right now? The family construction business, of course.

His current creative outlet:
designing and building a house which he will be living in by May.

The exterior design has changed a bit since these pictures were taken. This is where I was trying to help him pick some colors. (I'll update the design photo at some point so you can see.)

He chose this basic palette. There will be some reclaimed/recycled brick on the new design, so I think the reds will play in nicely for the look he's going for.

So, last time we were in Alabama, we visited the house site.

I don't think you will always have to walk the gangplank to get to the front door, but with his romantic, adventurous imagination you never know what details he's worked in!
I love running around in newly-framed structures trying to picture the finished product. As I said, my family has a construction business (not the one Husband works for, ironically) so I have enjoyed this as a pastime for all the years since I could walk. My second choice for a career was interior architecture and design. Now, it's just a passion/hobby on the side as I run rampant through the Southeastern U.S. helping children learn to read (or try at least).

Here, brother is showing our Mug the focal point that the whole house design was centered on:
this knobby-branched, century-old tree brimming with character:

The best part about exploring these freshly-framed structures is seeing the upstairs before it exists.

Though some of "us"

Had trouble getting up the "stairs" and actually fell at the top and dangled from a rafter the first trip up the ladder

So rescue volunteers rushed over for round 2 and after a bruised rib

and some vultures who thought they might get lucky and be the first at the ladder vs. human lady showdown

she won after all, the vultures went on their way, and everything returned to normal (except the rib which is still healing).

So, here is Jack's house.

We are excited to see the progress on our next visit.

Oh, and Jack is also the Master of Khan's biological father, Sapp (named for Don Quixote's sidekick character, Sancho Panza, in the great tall tale).

P.S. Did I mention Jack is single??? He is actually much more proportionate in the face than that first photo lets on :)


  1. Aw Court. Playing matchmaker. I can vouch for Jack, he is lovely, cute, kind, uber intelligent and talented. He would be great for someone that's for certain...AND there is the bonus of getting the extended family too!

  2. What a catch! A man who can draw and design the yard-- a rare gem. The house looks wonderful-- update us on his progress!

  3. Wow! Will be cool to see what the house looks like when he's done...pretty impressive skill to wow the women! 'Darling,design/ build me a house would-you? There's a good sport...' :) xxx

  4. ^o^ Teary yesterday, greatly entertained and chuckling today! Thanks for a great read. Such a talented family!

  5. Oh, LOVELY! You still take your mother's suggestions.....I see you clarified the "Jack__s" name......Thank you.


  6. Okay, I'll have him!

    O damn, I am way too old!

    Pity! :)

  7. Although "sangle", I'm not quite in the required age range - by quite a bit ;)
    But what an excellent find for some lucky gal! I hope he finds someone equally talented, creative, and fun-loving!

    Say "hello" to Mug for me! Hope all is well!


  8. Y'all are the best! I loved reading these comments :)

  9. This is at the top of my favorite posts, I can't wait to visit the house...
    Jack = My Brother From Another Mother.
    Court, you left out a few details...
    Jack = Charming, hilarious, a good 'ole southen boy with darn good manners, a Mamas dream for their daughters and the kind of guy who just simply makes you laugh without saying a word... oh and as for the faces... he has the best around... quite weird at times, but hey... that's our Jack!

  10. Yes, Tiff. I DID leave all that out! Thanks for filling in the gaps!


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