Tuesday, April 27, 2010

home sweet south

We just returned from a 4-day stint of hopping back-and-forth over the New York/New Jersey state lines to sight see (NY) and visit with family (NJ).

Once I finish resting and sanitizing the bottoms of all my shoes with antibacterial Lysol, I'll be back with more pictures!


  1. It's great to visit "up North" but you're right...there's no place like home in the South.

  2. Sounds fun! Can't wait to see pics

  3. Hi Lupine! We're back from Senegal! ... & I just popped in to catch up here. I may not be back to Yada Yadah for a bit as I still have some catching up to do on "Postcards..." - I just couldn't quite keep up while we were away!

    Your new home is looking so lovely. You have a nice touch when it comes to decorating.

  4. bahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! lololol......You are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to your pics : p


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