Tuesday, April 20, 2010

our weekend and the dining room

I like to write little stories for children in my spare time. Most of them are for my student lessons, but some are stories that I "plan" to illustrate and send to publishers (one day, like most things). One story in particular I have been working on intermittently for almost two years. I've begun the pencil sketches, and Husband has been playing with watercolors on my copies of my sketches.

He's quite good.
It's a strange but fun spousal activity. Just call us Jan and Stan Berenstain! We plan to spend quite a few weekends this summer collaborating on this little project, so you'll be seeing more on the progress in future posts.

In other news, for the first time ever we've hung curtains. I've talked about hanging curtains in every house we've rented and this time we actually did it.

Don't they make a big difference in the room? And I love the white and wood tones together. It seems so rustically formal, and thus so casually elegant. (Though a professional interior designer might cringe at the simplicity!)
So, this is the dining room of our latest house. I do wish the curtains completely touched the floor, but ah well (a professional interior designer would certainly cringe at that little blip!). I'll get them perfect when they're not so irritatingly temporary.


  1. the curtains do look lovely and I wouldn't have ever noticed that they didn't touch the floor if you hadn't had mentioned it.

    And I look forward to seeing the various incarnations of "The Great Grump" (which I guessed is the story you are speaking of)

  2. I understand completely! It's amazing how much decorating stuff we have left over after decorating our latest temporary home. I think it looks great!

  3. What a wonderful partnership you have!

  4. Your dining room looks lovely! And who cares what a fancy-schmancy designer would say? Just tell them your "other" curtains are at the cleaners ;)
    Looking forward to seeing some drawings!

  5. Those look wonderful! Curtains do make a house so "home-y", don't they? And good job putting the hubby to work...


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