Wednesday, April 7, 2010

web-less, pictureless days in SC...

Speaking of "fussing" (see previous post :)
we're still trying to get our blasted Internet hooked up! It's taking forever. We have all the sports and movie cable channels and landline dial tones I could ever ask for, but the Internet connection is still floundering around, being noncommital.
So, it looks like I will be posting randomly until that's settled, and I won't be sharing pictures of this place until I can find my camera's USB connector. Sheesh! I've unpacked almost everything.... where could that thing be???
In the meantime, picture in your mind's eye the TEN HUGE BOXES FULL of trash sitting on the curb, waiting on the trash truck
AND, my car trunk FULL of "stuff" to take to a local charity.
I love getting rid.
(P.S. We love it here!)


  1. i wondered what happened to i know..
    i've missed you, my friend


  2. You've actually done very well in getting all those boxes unpacked! I'm sure the rest will fall into place soon. Enjoy your new town and take lots of pictures - we're eager to see it all!
    Best wishes

  3. There is nothing like a good moving purge, eh? Just don't get carried away and donate every pair of shoes you own like I did (I kid you not-- this is what happens when you move with a 2 month old who sleeps in 45 minute stretches 24 hours a day....:)

  4. Hope you find that cable soon - I'm looking forward to pics!.. in the meantime tho' it's good to know you are alive & well & enjoying your new home :)

  5. Thinking of yall as we unpack too! Hope your move went well. We moved Monday and I'm trying to make it feel like home while entertaining two little ones--yikes! Let's catch up soon!


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