Friday, April 9, 2010

your rug might need a deep clean, too

I really love our living room rug.

So, part of my "moving preparation plan" was to do some maintenance on the rug. I trimmed the little pieces that were coming loose
And THEN, we went to Home Depot and rented a steam cleaner. (The prices are actually quite reasonable.)

Here is the rug before steam cleaning:
And here is the rug after steam cleaning:

That's just from two years of living! I couldn't believe it made such a difference.
Want to see another shot?



And here are some close-ups of the lines during the process.

The difference after the first round of cleaning:

The difference after the second round of cleaning:

Do you see the dirty vs. clean lines?

I feel like I have a new rug. I was utterly disgusted with how dirty it was. And I didn't even realize it. I was just cleaning it for allergens and to prolong its rug life.
Now, I plan to do this every spring.


  1. Welcome back! Hope you have settled nicely! How do you like your new town?
    This rug is very beautiful and wow, oh my God!, it's so clean!

  2. Heeeehheeee... this sounds like me, I really like it when something gets clean! And now the rug feels so fresh! Looks great!

  3. I take it you didn't want to gross us out by showing us the dirty water :) I remember that well - from when we lived in a home with carpet. Don't miss that one bit! Your rug looks like new here. So pretty.

  4. We actually ended up buying our own steamer after renting one for the day. I was fascintated and amazed at what came out of my carpets-- but then again, I'm someone who derives great satisfaction from studying the contents of the Dyson tank...

  5. so glad you're back, friend...what a pretty rug...and you look so cute !

    i've missed you....

    getting closer to little Teddy..i think i have your email..i will send videos today :- )

    sending love,

  6. I'm so glad y'all are into this sort of thing, too! I ALMOST showed a picture of the dirty water and decided the before and after photos were gross enough!

  7. How wonderful! A good Spring cleaning is such a joy when we love the things around us!

  8. Love it! That is so impressive!!! xxx


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