Friday, May 21, 2010

wine-laced sandwiches...

To make a delightfully different yet comfortingly classic

Take a tablespoon of Pinot Noir and mix it into 1/4 cup of strawberry preserves,
spread it on fresh bread, top it with cheese and smoked ham, and grill it the old-fashioned way-- slathered on both sides in butter.

Recipe here.
(We used smoked Provolone instead of Gruyere, for budget's sake,
but we did give in a little and bought freshly sliced Black Forrest Ham from the deli.)

I'll be back next week, possibly with some Carolina Bluegrass...


  1. Oh, yum. I haven't thought to try this-- we are big fig/ham/cheese folks around here.

  2. ah, yes! We like prosciutto with fig preserves and asiago. So good!


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