Thursday, June 10, 2010

i CAN eat after all!

This is actually a picture of the thermometer on Husband's smoker! I knew it would come in handy for a post topic someday :)

Two Weeks Ago:

Someone recently told me that women are "supposed" to consume only 1200 calories per day. I decided she must be right and made 1200 my aim.


I had a heart-to-heart with myself and confessed that I can't do it. I consume 1200 calories (eating my healthiest) by 2:00 each day. That leaves my 4:00 snack and supper left to go. I seriously need to eat every 2 hours. I guess I have a maniacal metabolism???

So, I started to think something was wrong with me since I would most likely take on a hideous pallor and promptly faint each evening if I only consumed 1200 calories throughout the day.

5 Minutes Ago:

Then, I found this website and discovered that I am only supposed to limit myself to 1200 calories per day to achieve extreme fat loss, which I want to achieve about as much as a sunburn.

I can still consume 1500 calories and achieve gradual fat loss, if I so choose. And if I don't care to burn any fat, I can keep to a steady 1900 calories per day and remain within a healthy range. Perfect!

The Conclusion:

If that spiel bored and/or irritated you, maybe you should join me and go here :)


  1. Go for the 1900-- life is too short to be hungry all the time...

  2. I agree with Melissa.
    I know all about calories; I did a 1200-calorie diet when I was 20. It was a torture, although I have to admit, it had great results.

  3. I might even round it up to 2000!

    Yiota, I don't know how you or anyone else does 1200! It MUST have been torture.

  4. So since i am taller than you, does that mean i can eat more calories then 1900?

  5. SURE! (That site I linked to will calculate it for you)


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