Monday, June 7, 2010

and it's contagious, too

My mom used to refer to what I now have as A bad case of the Wants.

My cute cousin Clare has a wonderful fashion blog, which I support wholeheartedly and Husband encourages me to "not read so often"....

because she is so adept at reminding me when things like summer sales start happening.

Then, I go and search the summer sales. Then I go and search the new arrivals.
Then I start using phrases like I need ________

And the way Husband defines "need" in terms of wardrobe versus the way I define "need" in terms of wardrobe are as starkly different as spiders and lawnchairs.
(I must admit that Husband's definition is much more accurate.)

So, after catching up on Clare's blog, here I sit.
Waiting on this dress to go on sale.
Watching it like a jealous girlfriend.
Hoping the sale-- when at last it hits-- is substantial enough to make my "I-need-this-when-I-really-don't" argument strong enough to mollify that practical masculine viewpoint...
Do you have trouble defining that itchy word "need" when it comes to your wardrobe? Or are you as practical as Husband?

By the way, the flutter tank pictured is only $25 at JCrew right now. And you take an additional 20% off until Wednesday.


  1. ...& then you hafta hope that when it finally does go on sale, they still have your size! :)

  2. Oh, my. I think I NEED that top. I am so bad about shopping-- either I just avoid it completly so I'm not tempted or I fall off the wagon in the very worst way...

  3. MyStory~
    That part of sale-shopping causes me such anxiety! But if THAT'S the biggest cause of my anxiety I'd say I shouldn't complain too much :)

    Oh, I am the SAME way. I go in quarterly cycles.

  4. I must say that ever since I stopped working and bringing in my salary--I rarely say yes to things. I'll look over shopping sites and then decide that I really don't need any of it. However...I think me being over the ideal weight I would prefer helps a lot--I told Luke I don't like buying while big. Also...I spend all of my money on wine--Ha! The best thing is not even looking though. Good LUCK!

  5. I love it! My mom says I used to get the "I wannas" all the time when I was little. Now I just have them when shopping for the girls. Josh just rolls his eyes :).....

  6. Lauren, a good botttle of wine is often much more enjoyable than a cute shirt anyway! Not to mention, it's always in style :)

    Kate~ I would want to buy, buy, buy for those adorable little girls too if I were you!

  7. Mug says go for it, but hurry so you can get that 20% discount.....You ARE going to be working full-time beginning in August...Of course, you ARE going to school, too...and Fug's Day is coming up, too.....But let's see...20% of 25 is ...hmmm...$5?....You COULD wear it in the fall, too...It would look cute with a sweater....Funny how i look at things differently when I don't have to pay for them anymore, isn't it?;-) Too bad you don't have a birthday coming up.....

  8. Well I suppose if my mother TELLS me to do it then I have to!

    And, yes, it IS interesting that now that I'm no longer your financial burden you say "BUY IT!"

    Maybe you should buy one, too?

  9. clare has a blog? what blog?? just lovin' the J.Crew top!!! how funny!

  10. Yeah she has a blog that her cousin keeps bugging her about and she probably wishes she would just let it be!


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