Thursday, June 3, 2010

sweet tooth mania

Don't you love finding utterly unintended yet delightfully wonderful ways to use ordinary things?
For example, Real Simple magazine once suggested using a garlic press to crush coriander seeds.

To get to the point, the intended use for Baker's Chocolate is to melt the squares with butter, flour, vanilla, and eggs to make yummy chocolate baked goods.
But the utterly unintended

yet delightfully wonderful way to eat Baker's chocolate
is one square at a time like a super-thick candy bar.

And the crisp white parchment paper wrapped around each square definitely qualifies as "pretty packaging." And once you've traversed down that road once to satisfy an intense chocolate craving, nothing else can meet that standard of elite, dark richness.
So, treat yourself to a hunk of Baker's chocolate on your next taxing day.
Do you use anything ordinary in an extraordinary, unintended way?


  1. Sing it to me, Sistah!! I was just mentally scoping my pantry for somethin' sweet when I ran across your post to look for Bakers chocolate! ; ) yum!


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