Monday, July 26, 2010

a visit from the parents


Sometimes I just can't get over how much we eat. We seem to revolve our plans for guests (and ourselves!) around culinary experiences. It's a good thing Husband and I enjoy trips to the gym, walks with the dog, and jogs to clear our heads.

My parents came to visit us this weekend-- well, they planned to come visit us, but I think they equally enjoyed visiting Greenville's quaint, lively downtown.

We only cooked for them once: Cajun-style shrimp cakes with remoulade and a side of bacon-dressed succotash.

And Mug brought me a trio of cheerful ceramic lemons, which I have added to my "table of pretty stuff."

There's a water wall in downtown Greenville where children have been playing all summer long. I have seen them out way past standard bedtime, sometimes they're in bathing suits, sometimes their clothes are simply soaked through, like the little girl in the drenched sundress in the first picture. It's so refreshing to witness the utter release with which they run through the falls with no regard for hair, body, or garments. .

The water wall is directly across from this venue, where wedding receptions are constantly taking place.
The contrast is fun.
If you look one way, you see men in stifling bow-ties and ladies in agonizing stilettos, chatting and sipping delicately. If you look the other way, you see children dashing uninhibited through gushing waterfalls, screaming and laughing.

We also took them to the Reedy River Park, where local actors perform Shakespeare's plays all summer long, weather permitting.

It seems so like Old World theater.
I am in the throws of summer finals! This post gave me a nice break :) Thank you for visiting....


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend. Gotta love that waterwall! I just wanna jump in & be there! :)

  2. Well...I have spent HOURS downloading photos and designing a post for Part I of our Greenville experience to no avail...the blogger says it can't post due to non-matching HMTLs....GOOD HEAVENS! i have not a clue as to what they are talking about.

    So I'm glad to see YOU have posted...funny how our brains sometimes seem to follow the same pattern....Much of my post was like yours...only your pictures are ever so much better...Mug.

    I'm going to see if by chance my post will "take" this time....

  3. I do love Greenville! Oh...and I am going to continue blogging for sure!

  4. Looks like a beautiful weekend visit!

    I am particularly taken with that floral handbag on the mantle - it is divine!!!


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