Tuesday, September 7, 2010

:: husband took flight in a homemade plane... among other topics

First things first,

Football season has begun, and our team won their first game... War Eagle to all you Auburn grads and fans!

About those flowers, they are my favorite shade of rose. Especially this time of year.
They were the last bouquet at the market. I split them up to adorn both the living room

in a slightly tarnished (just enough for a touch of character) mint julep cup,

And in the dining room.
We had dinner guests on Friday night. They are our neighbors who we've been meaning to get to know beyond brief sidewalk chats. It turns out, they have led very interesting Air Force lives, and he spent the first several years of his retirement building a plane in his garage.
Husband got a phone call Saturday morning inviting him to go on a brief scenic flight.

Husband thoughtfully asked me if I was okay with him traveling recreationally in a homemade airplane. I quickly calculated our neighbor's career starting as an airplane mechanic and ending as 316th Wing Commander, which essentially means he was in charge of operations and maintenance for the main base of Air Force One.
I decided if the country trusted him with at least 3 consecutive presidents' safety as well as the incoming flights of people like Princess Diana, maybe my Husband would be in good hands.

They flew over Clemson University and saw the season's first tailgaters, Husband's job site,

And one of the prettiest lakes in South Carolina. It was a perfect day for flying, and his wife and I (aka "the women") got invited to go "once the leaves change."

Does the Thanksgiving pageant song "This Land is Your Land" run through anyone else's head while looking at these photos?


  1. Wow ! Such an adventure! I enjoyed the pictures and the roses are lovely... Oh, I loved the bird on the table, soooooo cute =)


  2. The roses are, indeed, a beautiful color for this transition time of year. And what high flying FUN your husband had!! Neat. Your trip in the fall should afford some splendid views too! :)

  3. Lovey! Justin took blog-worthy photos after all! Mug is proud of him! War Eagle!

  4. War Eagle!

    I am just so scared-y cat about little planes-- esp. homemade ones! Your hubby is a brave man...

  5. how lovely! i just love the flowers and the view from the plane.

  6. That rose color is gorgeous! Glad the plane 'held up'.


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