Thursday, September 9, 2010

:: khan has a complaint...

Fall semester starts today. That means fewer trips to the Reedy River Park, shorter jaunts around the neighborhood, and less time fetching sticks in the backyard kudzu. Poor Genghis. He would appreciate your pity from afar...



  1. Ha! That face is hilarious. Poor Kahnnie! Send him down to BR and he and chip can entertain each other...ther isnt much in our house they can mess up.

  2. ohhhhh - poor Kahn!! So sad. (looks like he's really doing his very best to make you feel as guilty as possible here too!) So thoughtful of you to throw this little e-pity party in his honor! :)

  3. I'll bet he'll be getting a lot more hugs to make up for lost play-time :)

  4. Khan can commiserate with my canines anytime, Courtney : ) (whoa, say *that* five times fast!)

    ; )


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