Friday, October 15, 2010

the "cupcake" as big as my head

It doesn't really look like a cupcake.
But it's called a cupcake on a stick, and it does in fact come on a stick. Don't let the picture fool you.
We had to removed the stick and bring in a forklift
(or rather, a large serving fork)
to transfer it from the cellophane to this plate.
The apple is a large Honeycrisp Apple, so you get the idea of its actual size.
Turned sideways, it really is as big as my head. And bigger than Khan's head.

Together, this was all the damage we could muster. We'll be taking it with us into the Blue Ridge Mountains this weekend so we can hunker down and finish it off.

Speaking of Khan, he'd like to display his latest shenanigan:

 The little rogue decided it was time for my summer zinnias to GO. They were still producing a petal here and there, so I was patiently awaiting their demise. Obviously Khan had different plans; he seems to be ready for some Fall blooms :)

I have two drop-dead-in-your-tracks-and-savor recipes to share in the next week...


  1. Ooooh my! That "cupcake" looks too good to be true!

    And what to do w/ you?! Perhaps a fabulously full pile of fall leaves to forage in is just what you need.... a place where you can have your fun...and no damage will be done! :)

  2. And luckily we're going to just such a place this weekend! He can let loose and destroy, dig, and romp!

  3. You're a dear. Yes, England was fabulous, ESPECIALLY Beatrix Potter's garden and home, yes, Roald Dahl's space, everything was delectable.

    All joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  4. Happy Anniversary, Courtney! Loved the pictures and this cupcake(!) looks yummy!

  5. The photograph of Khan is priceless. The expression is no doubt, "Who? Me?"

    Can't imagine the mess it would have made if you actually tried to eat that cupcake from the stick.

  6. Happy Anniversary :)

    I must say I loved Khan's picture :D I'm also a dog mommy and I love to see their faces as they do something wrong :D :D :D It's like saying "Well... I did it. It's my own fault and so what?" :D


  7. Khan is acting rather nonchalant... as if he does it everyday! He is saying: "Oh this"? "It's nothing, really..."


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