Wednesday, October 20, 2010

pieces of a quick getaway

No doubt about it, some areas of the world get more attention than others. The world loves Tuscany, Maine, New York City, and Paris-- as do we. But moving once a year like we’ve done during the course of our 3-year marriage (we’re on our fourth state!), we’ve been awed by the little gems just waiting to be found in the most unexpected places.

We just returned from a rendition of Paradise. Well, we actually returned on Sunday night but immediately had to pick up the pace with new friends, work, laundering, and grad studies, as life demands. So I’m just now sharing our Paradisaical stumbling with you.

We spent the weekend at our neighbors' Blue Ridge cabin, located in a rustic, private compound beyond this interesting gate. See the blue haze of the enchanted forest beyond?

We took a lot of books, a pound of pumpkin-spiced coffee, a block of white cheddar cheese, and turned off our cell phones to enjoy this view of a clear, freshwater lake shaded by gradually changing trees.

The lake has a tiny "beach" where Ghengis Khan made friends

And showed off his latest tricks.

And wondered why no one else was enjoying the freezing water as much as he was.

The banks were covered and (literally) crawling with Grandaddy Long Legs.

Which made for a creepy prequel to the pending dusk of October 31.

About 2 miles up the road is a lovely little winery where we sampled and dined...

In the Tuscan-gone-Blue-Ridge ambiance.

(More about THIS image later....)

All that being said, I just discovered Pandora. I know I’m a day late and a dollar short on this one—I’ve certainly been hearing “Pandora this, Pandora that” for quite a while. It’s just that I finally responded. If you aren’t yet registered, I highly recommend it! Right now I’m listening to a playlist they created for me. All I did was type in: Chopin, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Secret Garden, Yo Yo Ma. And they subsequently created a phenomenal instrumental playlist for me.
Next time I think I’ll type in: Ray LaMontagne, Blind Pilot, Jewel, Keb Mo, Regina Spektor, Sarah Vaughan, Shawn Mullins, The Cranberries... and see what they create for me!


  1. look at you 2...what cuties...this was beautiful...loved seeing all of the shot of the road and the leaves and you know i LOVE the doggys having fun. looks like a great time.

    happy to visit today. i have been away much too long...
    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  2. Beautiful! What a great place to relax and take a breather. For a sec, though, I thought there was a Granddaddy Longleg in the wine glass...eeek! (The curlicue in the font). Granddaddy long legs creep me out. Ditto just about any other bug.


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