Thursday, October 28, 2010

pumpkin mugs with caps and all

Aren't these festive?
I just love perusing Williams-Sonoma from time to time.
And these simple Fall plates are so traditional and endearing.


  1. Those ARE fun! Having dinner together at the table a regular/routine thing for our family so I enjoy finding ways to make it more of a special event now & then. These would certainly do the trick! :)

  2. Indeed! I would want them all in red I think...

  3. How cute! Would be great for the Italian chicken soup we make....or chili....or beef stew! I guess I'm assuming they are soup-size mugs.....The one in the photo looks as if it has soup in it!:)

  4. First, I aDORe these W.S. dishes for the fall. I too want the RED ones...
    No, I don't have horses, they are down the road in a Forest Perserve Park. I always like to visit them when out and about. Especially, when they are in the pasture up close.

    Thanks for popping by,

  5. Going into a W-S store always makes me just feel like I have more money than I do-- as in "isn't it lovely in here and why DON'T I just drop $75 on some really great mugs..." or, in my case, things like a cherry pitter and lobster-claw cracker thingy. Very relaxing until you get home to enter your receipts...

    On another note, do you mind sending the pic again to I closed out the other account and I want a copy to hang with some of my new Art and Sole art!!!

  6. I have a cup of coffee right next to me, and I while I was pouring my coffee into it, I was thinking 'I need a new favourite cup'.
    These are perfect!


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