Tuesday, October 5, 2010

save your scraps for the bears

One stop on our tour-de-where-we-now-live was the mountain cabin our neighbor's father built (himself!). He owned a lumber business, so building houses with his favorite pieces of lumber was just a little "hobby" of his.

Husband (a construction manager by vocation) was very impressed :)

The view is beautiful, quiet, and secluded. It overlooks a lake and a few distant mountains.

We were told not to leave any crumbs on the ground because they don't want bears visiting. They have friends who receive nightly visits from a local grizzly. He takes down the hummingbird feeders each night, drinks the sugar water, and leaves the feeder on the ground. They discovered it was a bear when they found his pawprints on their bedroom window, peering in to see what kind of cubs were sleeping in this strange den. He sounds like an enchanted bear to me.

But alas. They do not think an enchanted bear friend sounds like the best companion, so we cleared away our crumbs and sugary beverages.

The inside of the cabin is filled with heirloom furniture, which makes it cozy and mysterious. This orange leather sofa has been in the family for three generations... and I think I would keep it in my family that long too. (I love it!)

We hope to go back soon. The surrounding woods are wonderfully noisy-- rustling leaves, bird chatter, fish splashing around.... that kind of noise.


  1. Evenings on that screened porch most be divine! I can imagine sitting there at dusk, listening to Nature.

    Your "neighborhood" is lovely.

  2. What a lovely place! & I love that kind of noise ... probably bc it seems more like music to me :)

  3. Sounds like an enchanting place!


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