Friday, October 1, 2010

:: thank you all

 Thank you

For the thoughtful birthday wishes! Husband and I had a wonderful birthday.

As if it wasn't enough to spend my birthday learning about cake-baking from Julia Child, Husband gave "us" tickets to a play (Peter Pan, in honor of my in-process children's literature M.Ed.), and I gave "us" a 2-volume set of the world's best English Language Dictionary. Husband has been wanting one for our growing library.

The cake was gone in four days. We planned to share some with our neighbors... but alas.
It was a good birthday and an even better birthday cake.

For the JC fans out there, we had the Le Glorieux (chocolate cake with filling, page 495-6 of Vol. II) and the Crème au Beurre, Mѐnagѐre (Butter Cream with powdered sugar and orange liqueur, page 681 of Vol. I)


  1. Courtney! I just discovered that you had a blog!! I love blogging, I have one too, but yours is way more cool. Your birthday cake looks absolutely delicious!!! Yes, We are loving our bible study! Keep in touch & feel free to visit my little bloggie! :) Tell Justin hello!

  2. And I'll bet that sweet patient lovely dog did not get one bite!


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