Tuesday, November 30, 2010

that cup ranneth over...

Thanksgiving break was full of good cheer, old friends, new friends, family, and uplifting tunes,

Tiny touches of the most intricately elegant measures,

Canine cousins catching up on some wrestling and other furry nonsense,

And of course,

preparations for the next holiday!

I love this season, beginning in October when the holidays fall like a line of dominoes.
Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years. Valentines.

They stand, wave, sway, clap, and rest in the forms of
Spooks. Harvests. Glitz. Fireworks. Flowers.

Or in themes like
Pagan History. The Celebration of Saints. Family. Abundance. Advent. Birth. Clean Slates. Red and Pink in the midst of bleak winter days....

So, while visiting family in Mobile, Alabama to celebrate the Harvests of Fall,

This is Husband smelling a Poinsettia...

This is Husband pseudo-sneezing,

It was a walk-through event, so one of the best parts was looking UP into the lights dangling from the trees.

Happy Advent to you all!
I look forward to the coming weeks...
as it's such a wonderful time of happy music, uplifting spiritual reflections, thoughtful preparations, and enamoring sights.


  1. Food, fun, friends (furry ones too!), family & festivity! This post is loaded w/ so many things that make this season so very special :)

  2. i love that bid vase & the picture straight up of the trees. we have tried to go to bellingrath a few times & never made it... im jealous & hope we can finally see it this year!


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