Monday, December 6, 2010

getting festive...

On Friday, the Christmas spirit was heightened 'round here with a visit to Greenville's Bob Jones University Art Museum, which contains the second largest collection of religious art in the world (the first being the collection at the Vatican). They had live instrumental performances throughout the gallery-- one being a "choir" of twelve harpists-- and a Christmas lighting ceremony.

Sadly, the only picture I took...

was of Husband standing in a very slow line for Hot Chocolate.

On Saturday, I worked on final projects for school and decorated the mantel, to which Husband sung

O Mantelpiece, O Mantelpiece,
How lovely are your branches!

And on Sunday, we attended a local performance of Handel's Messiah,
prepared for evening guests,
and finally bought a Christmas Tree so Husband could sing,

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

And...hmmm... it seems like I'm forgetting something...

Ah, yes!
On Saturday night, we watched our Auburn Tigers (Husband and I met at Auburn University where we went to undergrad) WIN THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP! We watched it with our neighbors, who were rooting for the opposing team, the South Carolina Gamecocks.
They were very kind and fed us delicious chili spiced with a dash of cinnamon even though we were beating their socks off :)

Our guests on Sunday were also SC fans-- since we live in SC!-- so we had to make sure our "Santa Aubie" mascot was quietly on full display. That smile looks a bit smug, doesn't it?

In sad news, Khan has been ill. We think he has a virus... it's nasty. If you're the kind to say prayers for dogs, he'd much appreciate it.


More to come on decor, etc!

How was your weekend?
Did you watch the game?
I'd love to hear!


  1. Hi Lupine. Your home is looking lovely & your blog is too! Your banner here is so pretty. sounds like a wonderful weekend at your end. Sure hope Kahn feels better soon. Signing off here w/ a prayer for the poor pup.

  2. Thank you! He looks SO down, and he's so sick... I have to hold his ears back every hour or two so he can upchuck, poor fellow.

    Too much info?

    I did the banner on Picknik... it took all of five minutes and it's free!

  3. Sending get-well wishes to dear Khan!

    Your place is looking lovely and festive..looking forward to more!

    We spent the weekend in the woods and on the couch.


  4. Sounds perfect... when all my finals are turned in, I plan to spend a LOT of time on the couch, reading for fun and napping :)

  5. i need those christmas ornaments... those colors match some decor i have perfectly... wonder if i can find them here.... ? hmmm

  6. The stars or the balls?

    The stars were made out of tin by a folk artist in Columbus GA. Her name is Ann B. Moore.

    But the balls were from CVS (shhh!) 2 years ago!

  7. I'm smiling at Christmas Aubie. I was still in near-heart-failure after last week's game, but we did watch this one-- much easier on the old blood pressure! I hope Kahn feels better soon!

  8. Of course we pray for dogs. And the prayers are on the way. Paws and fingers all crossed here.

  9. Thank you! The prayers and get-wells worked!

    Khan is feeling way better-- no longer showing symptoms, just acting tired now.


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