Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a new look

I love this illustration by Peaceful Forest.

In case you were wondering, the results of this blog's survey were:

Most people want:
-Daily posts
-Moderate length
-Posts about personal life and creative ideas
(with half wanting recipes in the mix as well)

It was a tie between:
-More pictures than text, long posts, very brief posts
-Posts about personal life and creative ideas

Very few people want:
Multiple posts a day

No one wants:
Only weekly posting
Lots of text with few images (which is kind of what I'm doing right now...)

I must say, I'm ecstatic y'all are actually interested in my personal life! I mean, I think our life is pretty wonderful, but I sometimes fear sharing it will verge on:
(a.) narcissism or
(b.) redundancy
I'll try to share more. Thank you for your interest :)

As for changes,
I'm changing the name to Scattering Lupine's No Ennui.

I feel that it fits my life focus better-- it has become my mantra! It means (literally) No Boredom. To me, boredom means apathy, which Ellie Wiesel said is the most dangerous of outlooks. His words were, "What is indifference? Etymologically, the word means 'no difference.'"

No Ennui is about continually striving to positively improve, learn, produce, and become.
Even if some of it is mere (and seemingly superficial) aesthetics.

I'm also changing the subject categories to verbs. They're not fully updated yet.

I hope to continually improve the new banner as well, updating it seasonally.
I'd love your reactions...


  1. I'm loving the color swirls in that illustration.

  2. It's a great name and I love its symbolism! What language is it? I should try and remember it.
    Wonderful illustration.

  3. What a fun change! I'm excited to see where you take it!

  4. It's in the English dictionary... but it's probably French in origin.

    Thanks to all for the nice comments!

  5. I'm digging your goals for change. I think maybe I had blog ennui, but I like the idea of freshening it up and starting again. Have fun!

  6. Nice! The new title seems like a great fit - as I don't know how in the world you find/make the time to do all you do so well....but I'm pretty sure that, in part, it's due to the fact that you are always busy/never bored :)


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