Monday, June 22, 2009

Pieces of Lower Alabama

The reception for the wedding we went to this past weekend took place here, at the Five Rivers Delta Center. If you look at the skyline you can barely see a city. That's Mobile, Al.

These dragonfly lights are hanging on my grandparent-in-laws' garden patio in Fairhope, Al.
Find your own here.

Sunday Night Supper in the Yard

On the way to the Mobile airport, we stopped for live crawfish. They flew back to Charlotte with us, where we got out the cooker my parents gave us, and put it to work. One crawfish (I named him Darwin) almost got out of the whole deal. But alas, he will be remembered for his courageous death and good fight.

"Lots of Cayenne and Old Bay seasoning," says Husband.

The supping process.

Khan, hoping and yearning.

Khan, fulfilled.

We had to invite a friend over to help (Thanks, Drew!).

Do you eat crawfish?


  1. I love,love,love crawfish. My husband says that he's never seen a girl eat as many as I do!

  2. Ha! I didn't eat crawfish until I married my husband and he MADE me. Now I love them!

  3. we are heading mobile in august to shoot a wedding. Haven't been, I am quite excited.


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