Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Coming Along

About mid-August, I decided to teach myself calligraphy.
(I posted about it here.)
This past weekend, I took our dinner hosts/new friends a bottle of wine with this tag adorning it.
How do you think I'm doing?

It feels like Fall here. How about where you are? Currently, I have half the windows in our house wide open. The whole place is becoming like the open air!


  1. i think it looks Wahn-da-ful!...but then, you always have had a beautiful natural handwriting also:)

  2. She is correct. Your handwriting has always been quite nice, but this is really good. Well done, I say, well done.

    The weather here is nice: hot and sunny and atypically London!

  3. I think you're doing great! The tag looks fantastic!
    Weather here is cool and windy. It's usually sunny and warm in September. We went swimming on Saturday and then on Sunday we had lots of rain.

  4. I'd say your new skill is coming along quite nicely! I, for one, am impressed :)

  5. oh i am SO moving there if it's already cool! I despise the heat- esp. when it's too hot to be fall. :(

    calligraphy looks good! maybe by the time i get hitched, youll be a pro and you can do my invites! haha..

  6. Thanks fellow bloggers, for your kind comments on my calligraphy! And I love hearing what sort of weather each of you are experiencing in your different corners of the world :)


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