Monday, September 21, 2009

look what hopped into our lives this weekend

We will be having a little guest for an indefinite stay.

Our lawnmower wrecked his world this weekend. Then our dog got his fatal jaws around his sibling, haultingly reminding us of the brutality and rawness that nature so often possesses.
We managed to save this little guy. He's not hopping correctly--at all, really. He just turns around in circles.

He also has little bouts of what I am assuming are trauma-related seizures. I'm not sure what to do for him, but it always seems to happen when he's left alone. He's getting very attached to being cupped in our hands, like a little handmade nest, or resting on our laps. At first, he trembled with fear when we held him. Now, it's the only thing that seems to calm him.

I suppose I will just have to wear a little bunny sling to the grocery store, the bank, my tutoring lessons...

I'm going on a hunt for a tiny rabbit bottle and some organic whole milk.
Any suggestions?
(He doesn't like sprouts.)


  1. Poor little thing! He's so cute!

  2. How cute!

    Hmmm...I'm reminded of the mouse that your brother dropped on its head, afterwhich the mouse forever turned in circles when it tried to walk:(

    Do rabbits drink milk? They do eat vegetables....and pet stores sell rabbit food. Maybe you should check with the pet store. Does Kahn have a vet in Charlotte? If so, you might could call the vet and get advice. Aunt Gwen has a rabbit. Email her.

  3. oh - so cute. I love the compassion I see in you by reading this. Wish I had some suggestions that might help you help the little one but given that it seems to calm in your presence makes me think you are helping him more than perhaps you realize.


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