Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a leisurely afternoon walk

People wonder why I prefer to walk our neighbor's Doberman

over petite, curly-eared, energetic young Khan.

We have been working extra hard this week on our "walking manners." It's a normal occurrence for me to look through the car windows of passers-by and see pointing fingers and heads howling with laughter. It's become our routine to walk 1/2 mile to a nearby park where I can let him off his leash to run like a rabid heathen.

He only acts this bad the first minute or so. Then he calms down and just pulls and jerks on the leash. He's a very independent young Boykin.


  1. Have you seen Marley & Me yet? You've GOT to :)

  2. No! I heard it's sad. I'm worried I can't handle it! Okay, I will suck it up. Sounds like it's worth it...

  3. First, I am so glad the pesto worked ! Was it that pretty green ? I love that color of pesto.

    Second, the Marley and Me. I never saw it either...I know I wouldn't make it through. My little red toy poodle..14 years old and blind...and the LOVE OF MY LIFE ! Oh, Doggy Love..the Best !

  4. Khan's most adoring 2 year old had to watch this a couple of times~


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