Tuesday, September 22, 2009

thumper update

I talked to the lady with Wildlife Services this morning. She said the furry little hopaholic definitely experienced some head trauma in the lawn mower incident. The Vet has him on some steroid medications, and the swelling seems to be responding. He might just be okay!

Read yesterday's update here.
Read Thumper's story here.


  1. Poor little guy! I call Will "the bunny man"... everytime I turn around we have another bunny in a box and Will trying to find it a home. It's as if the "fall in his lap"... he found 4 this summer, nursed them back to health and let them go....
    Glad thumper is doing ok!

  2. yeah! happy to hear that he is improving and yeah for you all who have tried to help him.


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