Friday, October 23, 2009

afternoon energy

In North Carolina, You have to take a driver's test to get your license, even if you've already been driving in other states for 10 years. Florida and Alabama just hand it to you when you hand them the money.

While studying the NC driver's manual, I learned that it is a fact that our bodies hit a low energy level every afternoon between 1 and 3.

So, since we probably will NOT become a culture that honors that biological fact by shutting down business after lunch every day to take a 3-hour nap, I've been having this as an afternoon snack to boost my low biorhythms:

1 Gala Apple

A Jar of Crunchy, Natural Peanut Butter

Shredded Coconut

It works quite well and goes great with hot tea.


  1. Very interesting link. I'm on weekly rhythms, I get better the closer it is to Friday!

    BTW, both CT and VT also give you a license as long as you posess a valid one from your former state.

    Now, for that snack....looks goooood!

  2. Very cute... love the apple....but I have to that a sprig plate?

    Have a great October weekend.....

    More later,

  3. When we moved back to NC, I took my test first. I came home and circled all the sections I remembered being on my test for my husband who was taking his test the next day.

    They gave my husband the exact same test I had!!! He made 100 and the examiner told him that he did better than his wife (he remembered me) since she made only 96. He just smiled and told the examiner, "I guess she owes me lunch."

    Tip: remember all the stuff about drinking and driving penalties as well as loss of your license if you allow a minor to use it to purchase alcohol. There were several questions about that on my test.

  4. you have NO idea how much I love an afternoon apple. And here they have so much american stuff i can get Washington grown red delicious apples that are the size of my face!!!!

    hehe, that comment really doesn't add anything, but I was so excited about the apples that I felt I needed to share.

  5. I can't believe apples evoked such fun comments! I loved reading all of these...


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