Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I hardly ever watch TV--except the nights when I go to the gym.

That's where I saw this commercial:

I don't like Wendy's, and this commercial did not change my mind about that. But I appreciate the light, quick tempo, and the witty little scenes. Previews and Commercials have always been two of my favorite parts about TV entertainment.

I think it's because they only require a short attention span, yet you can still ponder the message they're sending.

This one sends a good message: People, for the most part, appreciate what's REAL.

What messages do you get from it?

Speaking of what's "real" and what's not, did everyone read the 4-Bushel FarmGal's thoughtful post on reality TV shows? It was a good one!

(and just so y'all know what's REAL-ly going on behind the blog, I completely cracked myself up with the title to this post!)


  1. I am surprised that so many of my otherwise normal friends are devoted to some of the "reality" shows. That said, I never miss "Top Chef."

  2. Hi Lupines,
    Thanks for the commentary!
    I have to admit, I enjoyed commercial (4 times!) Very catchy tune. And loved the ending - the woman riding her bike against the beautiful backdrop.

    It did turn me off to the burgers in the warming tray, so was it successful? Hmmm....

  3. My favorite part? Abraham Lincoln character nodding oh-so-seriously! ha!
    check out my serious commitment to doing a post everyday! :)

    <3 Clare

  4. I usually skip the commercials...have my kids get up & DO SOMETHING(!)during them...or watch taped shows to fast forward thru them...but I enjoyed this one :)Perfect title too! REAL-ly clever :)


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