Tuesday, October 6, 2009

points of view

Me (jokingly while going through the bookshelves in my old room at my parents' house): Hey, look! Here's David Copperfield. You said you want to read some Dickens. Want to take it back to Charlotte?

Husband (enthusiastically): Yeah, I do actually.

Me (perplexed): Have you seen it? It's falling apart it's so old.

Husband (pragmatically): That's perfect. I prefer to read it in volumes.

Such great perspective.


  1. Good one! I have some 'volumes' myself; mostly dictionaries and a couple of books I keep telling myself to replace but I think I'll still read the old run-down ones.

  2. That's cute :) & certainly sounds more impressive when you say it "that way"! :)


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