Thursday, October 8, 2009

something unique

What is it about the Autumn Light that's so different?
Something more golden,
A touch more enigma,
Something holy and gracious.
It's like a magnification of the light that shines from happy eyes.
I'm really excited about something, and I want to tell you about it. I don't talk very much about my job on this blog because I am a private reading intervention tutor. Parents hire me to work one-on-one with their children if they are struggling in reading and language. It can be an "elite" business if you are in a city where people know the terms dyslexia and Orton-Gillingham, and people in Charlotte know those terms.
I am one of what seems to be the few individuals who absolutely loves what they do. I actually get what I like to call a working high, similar to a runner's high, but it comes from doing your job. It's amazing to see an understanding of language and the written word, not to mention a love for literature and stories, develop in a little person who has been struggling so hard academically, simply because his/her brain learns differently from other brains.
So, that's what I do, in a nutshell. Now, why am I so excited?
I have been bothered by the fact that this is an "elite" business. Only children whose parents can afford it get the instruction they really need. By chance, which I believe is the Holy Spirit in secular terms, I discovered a North Carolina Non-Profit called The Augustine Project. They actually train their volunteers to do what I do, and they send them into the public schools to work one-on-one with children from low-income families. So, since my mornings are usually free, I've volunteered to start working with them. I will get to do some pre- and post-assessment testing and maybe even help with some teacher workshops and work with a student or two. Basically, I will get to share my training and the skills I've learned over the years with a non-profit that changes the lives of low-income children with learning disorders.
I am so thankful there are organizations like this in existence.


  1. This could classify as the most inspiring post of the day together with Christina's (check blog for details). I'm so grateful there are people like you who care. You and the other volunteers of the programme could be of great help around here. Good for you!

  2. Thanks, Yiota! That comment made my day!

  3. That picture...your words...that program...everything about this post is beautiful. How rewarding it must be too!

  4. What a wonderful thing you are doing. It's so great that your expertise will expand so far. We need more projects like that.

  5. By the way, great new banner! Who's that drawing by?

  6. That is wonderful! What a fantastic job and how wonderful that you found another outlet!

  7. Y'all are so kind and supportive! I love blog folks!

  8. Me too ! I think what you are doing is so wonderful. I spent the morning yesterday reading to my 3 year old neice. The look on their faces when you read to them...priceless.

    And YES ! I LOVE the new it from Miss also looks like the beloved Grandma Moses...who is it?????

    More Later,

  9. It's from Miss Rumphius! It does look a bit like Grandma Moses...

  10. How wonderful that you are able to help these children, and make a difference in their lives! They will benefit from this and remember it always.

    A few years ago my mother gave a copy of Miss Rumphius to my granddaughter. The message in the book is so much like what you will be doing for these children, spreading "seeds" of knowledge. :)

  11. i adore this light! i love your words.

  12. Lovely post, Girl-Child......And Your new blog look is so refreshing...and all of your side items...i'm glad i decided to take the time to "stop by" tonight:),,,I didn't realize how much I've been missing!

    And, yes, you are doing a good thing....I'm so glad you found the non-profit group...right up your alley! God works in mysterious (or maybe not so mysterious?) ways when we "let" Him, does He not?

  13. YAY!!!! for your volunteering, whoever you get to teach will be the luckiest of them all!


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