Monday, October 12, 2009

weekends with nothing to do

I was supposed to invite dinner guests over and totally forgot to invite them.
No wonder they didn't show up!

It was a weekend of nothing but free time and Fall elements.

Don't you love the nothing time?


  1. Beautiful photos. And yes, I LOVE days with nothing to do. They are the BEST.

  2. I do! I do! I love nothing time and miss it sooo much! Great pictures!

  3. oH MY! Your pictures are BEaUtIfUl! Yes! Everyone needs to know how to do nothing constructively! Too many children now-a-days have every minute planned out for a result they don't know how to not be bored...they've never had to create their own time....

    I LOVE weekends (or days) with no schedule! Extremely rare, indeed:(

    Oh, and I really like this new banner....You took away the bottom part? I thought i liked it before, but this is much simpler...makes the post itself stand out.

  4. P.S. LOVE the photo of Khan peeking out:)

    Tomorrow is your two-year anniversary, is it not? How time does fly:)

  5. HEY... what kind of camera do you have? I LOVE the pictures!... and I want to eat what ever that is :-)

  6. Beautiful Photographs of Fall. And I love "Nothing Time". That is perfect. Today is one of those days for I am making Julia Child's French Onion Soup. We are all waiting for the big storm to slam in from the Pacific Ocean tonight. Cozy for sure.....

  7. The camera I use is a Sony Cyber-shot, 8.1 megapixels. I want to upgrade, but this one is so easy to carry around in my purse on trips. And the photos usually come out alright!

  8. Lovely photos! Looks like you thoroughly enjoyed doing nothing :) ...oh & Happy Anniversary?!


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