Friday, November 13, 2009

more pieces of virginia's blue ridges

On our trip to Virginia, we stayed here:

Literally. We stayed in the Silo! I can now say, "I have slept and bathed and brushed my teeth in a silo."

The innkeepers and a few close friends built this building with their own hands 30 years ago.

And gradually added the other buildings. It's like a little lodge community. The yellow building is the kitchen, dining, and game room area. The only TV on property is in the game area. I love that there are no TVs in the rooms. (Doesn't Husband have a very nice swagger to his step?)

There are no restaurants for miles, so breakfast and supper are included in the price of the room. The innkeeper's wife is the cook. I managed to finagle a few recipes from her that I will be sharing soon.

This is one of the innkeepers. He makes sure your hands are squeaky clean before meals.

The cozy den in the main lodge.

I liked the floor :)

Now, about the Silo. There are three rooms, and we were at the very top. Husband took this photo because I am afraid of synthetic heights. He wanted to capture me mastering my fears.

Just so you know, if you are afraid of synthetic heights a skinny, swirly, iron staircase is a great way to jump in with both feet.

Here's our room in the Silo. Can you tell it's a circular room?

We roomed with this kind gentleman. I rather like him. I wonder about his story. He looks so content.

And I love his overalls.


  1. What a beautiful place - the building AND the grounds.
    It must have been peaceful sleeping in that room. But I might have stayed up late just looking out the window at the countryside!

  2. I love the the countryside...that darling doggie innkeeper..what a cute and fun place to stay..and yeah, husband does have a nice swagger..can't wait for some of the recipes too...looks like you had a great time....

    More later,

  3. It was fun! Thanks for the kind comments... I love posting about trips. It's such a great way to reflect and relive.

  4. What a lovely, cosy place! I love that there are no TVs in the rooms. Years ago, when I booked hubby and I a room for a week in the summer I deliberately chose one without a TV; we read and read and had fun together, not with the telly.

  5. What a very cool place to stay! Sure beats your run of the mill Holiday Inn! Looks like a lovely place to have a wonderful time doing not much of anything :) I esp. like the no tv too. When we went to Tahiti we stayed in a hut w/ no tv, no phone. It was so nice to unplug!


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