Wednesday, November 11, 2009

at the age when most bad habits were formed

Khan turns 2 this month!

Here he is 2 years ago on the ride to his new home.

And here he is now, with his lip curled up, showing me where I put his leash


  1. Sorry, but the bad habits form long before now. So many "cute" puppy things formulate into unacceptable behavior in a dog.

    What a beauty he is. I'm sure he hasn't gotten any of those bad habits.

  2. Happy Birthday Khan! Cute pics! Love that one on is his way to his new home.

  3. SO SWEET!!! I love the photo of him on his way home for the first time. What a brave little guy. Kiki was shivering on a pillow in my lap.
    Happy Birthday, Khan!


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