Wednesday, December 23, 2009

eggnog logs and christmas tree bark anyone?

the Christmas Tree Bark
you will need:

Well, okay, realistically you will need:

About 1 package of Mint Oreo Cookies and three boxes of semi-sweet baker's chocolate.

Melt the chocolate,

Crush the Oreos,

Mix the two together and spread the mixture evenly in a large wax-paper-covered cookie sheet. Then refrigerate until it can come out like this:

Then break it into jagged pieces of bark. Is that easy enough or what?

the eggnog logs
are a little more complicated.
The recipe I use can be found here. I add more rum and nutmeg to the batter to give it a good, strong adult flavor.

After you bake the cookies and let them cool, ice them

"Dip" them in pecans like Husband is doing here,

Lick the bowl,

And let the icing and pecans set.

(And don't forget to have a trusted advisor give it a taste test.)

There's your edible gift set and/or Christmas party favors!


  1. Yummmm!!!
    I made white chocolate bark with dried cherries one Christmas, so delicious.

  2. Wow it all looks delish!
    Merry Christmas xo

  3. Yummm & Fun!! to make, give & receive!


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