Tuesday, December 22, 2009

gum drop tree make-and-take for all the children at your christmas celebration

Doesn't anyone use twigs from the yard anymore?!?!?

I could not find one single image of a gumdrop tree made from a twig. So, here's the silver-plated one and a link to how to make a real old-fashioned gumdrop tree.
I suppose no one uses twigs because of germs. I recommend simply putting rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, spraying the twigs, rinsing them under hot water, and letting them dry before the craft hour arrives. That way, no germs will get into the bodies of the sanitary-conscious-children-who-never-meet-with-germs-in-their-day-to-day lives and thus have bodies which cannot ward them off ;)

Or, you could just go this route using toothpicks and Styrofoam cones.


  1. I LOVE gumdrop cute Courtney.....

    Today we made Frosty the Snowman cakes..

    so much fun..

    Sending Christmas Love,

    Kary and Buddy

  2. What a sweet story about a thoughtful grandmother. I love that her granddaughter has shared this with everyone through her trees and 'story-in-the-bag'. It's like sharing this woman's legacy.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Those are so fantazmagical! What a fun family tradition that would be. I know Strike would love to make one...if I can get my act together I will have her make one to take where we're going for Christmas dessert! Ours will be the twig version. Thanks for sharing. I missed the mailman yesterday but my card is in our mailbox & anxious to be on it's way to you later today :)


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